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Encanto Books

After several years of work, I have launched a collectible book company, Encanto Books.

Encanto Books (pronunciation: /en-kan-toh/) represents a collection of approximately 5,000 first edition books acquired over a period of forty years. The collection is comprised primarily of hardcover fiction, but includes a sizable number of 1950’s and 1960’s pulp paperback publications as well.  Spanning a timeframe from the 1930’s Depression era all the way up to the present day, the collection has something of interest for virtually any serious antiquarian.

In searching the Encanto Books website, you will see that a majority of the books for sale are true first editions, first printings; tantalizing, many of these are signed editions, too.  While the collection has great depth and scope overall, there is no denying that our greatest interest was reserved for finding books of a particular genre of fiction: mysteries.

Encanto Books has succeeded in collecting virtually the entire output from some of the greatest American mystery writers ever.  In perusing the website, you will see that in many cases you will not only have the opportunity to acquire the first book in a series about a gumshoe who straddles the legal line, but instead, rare first editions of the entire series.

Unlike many other antiquarian websites, all of our books have been photographed thoroughly, enabling you to evaluate your product before purchasing it. While most of our business is conducted over the internet, appointments can be made to view books in person.

Stomps & Claps

A few years ago, I had to recreate the famous Queen “We Will Rock You” stomps and claps rhythm for a project, so I hired a large group of people and recorded them in a church in Pasadena, California. I wanted them to be very steady, so I listened to a click track and conducted them, but because they weren’t musicians, I could not maintain a steady tempo, even after several takes. Since my time was limited, I decided to record their sounds individually and made a Kontakt instrument out of them.

I’ve made the library available here. STOMPS & CLAPS